Pangeo 2020

Abstract Submission and Registraion open!

Abstract submission and registration for Pangeo 2020 are open now ( The conference will be hosted in Leoben in September 2020 and will cover a wide range of geological topics, geomechnical, mining and rock excavation. Sessions include:

  • Advanced Structural and Geochemical Characterization of Geomaterials 
  • Applied Mineralogy 
  • Aspects of Seismology 
  • Earth Surface Dynamics 
  • Economic Geology 
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Challenges in Complex Reservoirs
  • Geo-energy (Oil, Gas, Coal, Secondary Storage, Geothermal Energy) 
  • Geophysics 
  • Geoscience and Archeology 
  • Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry 
  • Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 
  • Integrated Stratigraphy 
  • Mining, Mechanical Excavation and Alternative Fragmentation Methods (in Cooperation with EUREG)
  • Paleontology 
  • Regional Geology and Geodynamics
  • Reservoir Engineering: Multiphase Flow on the Pore Scale and Upscaling 
  • Structural Geology in Academics and Industries 
  • Sedimentology/Stratigraphy 
  • Young Sediments 
  • Young Scientists’ Session
  • Landesgeologie im Dienste der Bevölkerung

The conference offers four exciting excursions to

  • Spodumene (Lithium) Project Wolfsberg;
  • Sandvik-Tour (Zeltweg);
  • Styromag Magnesite (Oberdorf),
  • Erzberg/Zentrum am Berg

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Leoben in September 2020!!

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